October 17th 2022 Weekly Tailgate Auction


Auction preview starts at 3:00 PM, auction setup up is first come – first serve on the dock!  Call/eMail us at 888-639-4443 auctions@sunrise-antiques.com to reserve a spot…or RESERVE ME A SPOT



WEEKLY TAILGATE AUCTION (April – November) –  October 17th 2022 – Bring a Load, Buy a Load (sell one item or a whole truckload): on the Dock Tailgate AUCTION! Same day cash payment! – 619 Rt 33 West, Hightstown, NJ 08520


October 17th 2022 @ 5:00 PM and every Monday thereafter, Sunrise Antiques will be conducting a weekly tailgate auction. Setup will be on the dock.

Sunrise Antiques in conjunction with Tri-County Cooperative – Weekly Tailgate Auction – Who knows what you will see?

How do I sell? Starting at 3:00 PM on auction day register in the office for your seller number. Proceed to your space on the dock with your truck, trailer or car. At 5:00 PM we will auction your goods from your vehicle or trailer until the last car/truck is complete. We will be paying all sellers in cash within 30 minutes of your lots being sold in the office.

Commission Schedule:
Up to Amount
$50 seller fee 33%
$50.01 – $500 seller fee 20%
over $500.01 seller fee 15%

How do I buy? Starting at 3:00PM auction day register at the office for a bidder number. Bid the items you want and pay for your items before departing the auction. This is a CASH only sale.

There is a 15% Buyer’s Premium and 6.625% sales tax if not exempt.

What will we sell? anything NJ legal…antiques, collectibles, garage. basement items, gold, silver, all forms of produce, equipment, cars, trucks, all personal property, vehicles, you name it we will sell it for you! Same day cash payment.

Not responsible for accidents or theft…

Hope to see you at the auction!

Food and Beverages ServedO

Tailgate Sale Every Monday @ 5 PM