May 6th 2022 Antiques & More Online Only Auction

Outstanding May 6th 2022 ONLINE PUBLIC ANTIQUES AUCTION.  Live lots start closing at 10 AM on May 6th 2022 – PRE-BIDDING OPENS AT 3 PM on April 30th 2022. Catalog available at – 79 Old York Rd Chesterfield, NJ 08515. PUBLIC WELCOME! 

LIVE Preview May 5th from 3PM – 7PM. -79 Old York Rd Chesterfield, NJ 08515-

Selling 1480+ quality online lots to include the second half of a quality Deal NJ estate, 100+ silver coins to include a large selection of Morgan and Peace Dollars – some graded, sterling, gold, quality antique furniture, primitives, collectibles, retro, vintage, industrial, antiques and much, much more…PUBLIC WELCOME!

ONLINE AUCTION 10 AM May 6th 2022 – 79 Old York Rd Chesterfield, NJ 08515

PRE BIDDING OPENS  April 30th at 3PM.  Live lots start closing at 10 AM on May 6th 2022.

Type in your browser to get to the auction, or go to and find the May 6th online auction.  Click on the Current Auctions link…

Online bidding for this auction is available at You must register to bid in this auction.

You may place max bids and let the system bid for you. You may also bid live starting at 10 AM on May 6th  2022. Each lot will close every 12 seconds, unless someone bids in that interval. If that happens there will be another 1 minutes added to the closing of the lot. This is called a soft close.

We will hold a live, in person, auction preview on Thursday May 5th  from 3PM – 7PM.  Please call with any questions prior to bidding.

Check out will be on Saturday May 7th from 10 AM until 4PM or Sunday May 8th from 10AM until 4PM. All lots not picked up will be charged an applicable storage fee or disposed of accordingly.  Feel free to call with any questions prior to bidding 888-639-4443.  ALL LOTS MUST BE PAID FOR AND PICKED UP WITHIN ALLOCATED PICK UP TIMES AFTER CLOSE OF AUCTION.  THERE WILL BE NO PICK UP AVAILABLE FROM MAY 9th – MAY 13th.

THIS AUCTION WILL BE ONLINE ONLY – still taking consignments for all future auctions.  Please call us to consign.  Call us at 888-639-4443 or email us at with any questions.  Check out the next Live auction in Hightstown May 15th @ 5PM…

May 6th 2022 Pre-Auction Preview

2010 Camry

2010 Camry Running

319th century sap bucket
4Watch lot and watch faces
5Frame w shell like rim
6Box w vintage toys
7Misc box lot w vintage book and glass
8Quaker bogs est. 1867 crate
9Liquid batter Telegraph battery
10Vintage juice o mat
11Enamel ware lot
12Small vintage chicken feeder
13Metal magazine holder and metal bowl
14Small wooden vanity
15Vintage Stockton sign and paper lot
16Enamel ware lot
17Vintage green water cooler
18Enamelware lot
19Enamel ware lot
20Vintage electric popcorn popper
21Vintage green tins
22Sierra bullet wall art and rubber mat
23Enamel ware lot
24Enamel ware lot
25Enamel ware lot
262 piece enamel ware
27Signed baseball picture
28Enamel ware lot
29Enamel ware lot
30Enamel ware pans
31Enamel ware pots
32Enamel ware bowls
33Enamel ware plates and knives
34Enamel ware lot
35Large enamel ware roast pan with lid
36Signed painting
37Small wooden stool
38Double mantle propane lantern
39Large metal garden tool
40Large metal garden tool
41Antique silver plate russian
42Asian jewelry box w sterling rings
43Costume jewelry
44Costume jewelry
45Costume jewelry
46Costume signed jewelry
47Costume jewelry
48Cooking club of America trinket boxes
49Decorative Asian chest
50Hamilton Fire Truck picture
51Blue milk bottle
52Misc box lot
53Oriental box lot
54Stain glass lamp
55Jar of marbles
56Religious lot
57Collector spoons
58Glass lot
59Misc glass lot
60Christmas jewelry
61Butterfly jewelry
62Religious jewelry
63Wooden advertisement anf game lot
64Wall art
65Wall art
66Costume jewelry
67Pair of sterling candle sticks
68Sterling overlay lot
69Vase lot
70Pitchers and candle sticks
71Costume jewelry
72Lenox flower vase
73Funny green vase
74Wooden fish sign
75Vintage metal toy men figures
76Glass cake forms
77Beer advertisement anf trays
78Drink advertisement clock works
79Porcelain on enamel public telephone sign
80Vintage Japanese radios/telephones
81Drink advertisement picture
82Princess Diana plates lot
83Metal girl figurine
84Glass dome
85English porcelain lot
86Royal Doulton plate
87Decorative box lot
88Decorative tray with misc glass lot
89Vintage perfume bottles
90Vintage perfume bottles
91Advertisement sign
92Vintage decorative glass lot
93Declaration of Independence and stamps
94Large porcelain lion head wall hanger
95Lion box lot
96Large lion figurine
97Large lion figurine
98Lion box lot
99Glass lion box lot
100Lion box lot
101Lion figurine lot
102Lion glass lot
103Large lion figurine
104Lion glass lot
105Lion glass lot
106Glass lion lot
107Lion glass lot
108Lion glass lot
109Lion glass lot
110Large wooden pulley
111Lighthouse light up advertisement clock
112New kitchen maid mixer
113Lion tie lot
114Lion porcelain figurines
115Lion porcelain figurines
116Small lion figures
117Mixed lion figures
118Lion tie lot
119Lion pez lot
120Decorative lion figures
121Glass lion lot
122Lion lot
123Decorative lion lot
124Decorative lion lot
125Lion salt and pepper shakers
126Large lion figurine
127Vintage baseball glove
128Vintage box lot
129Misc box lot
130Vintage watch lot
131Metal bookends
132Decorative metal bull dog
133Vintage paper lot
134Large wooden alligator
135Collector spoons
136Vintage Disney and worlds fair spoons
138Vintage picture
139Box of knives
140Mystery machine in an oak box
141Mixed lot w jewelry
142Jewelry lot
143Costume jewelry
144Vintage toy cars
1454 model cars
146Jewelry lot
147Jewelry lot
148Vintage metal Coca Cola sign
149Vintage toy lot
150Metal sign
151Marble lot
152Toy lot
153Vintage stars wars toys
154Lion box lot
155Large lion figurine
156Glass lion lot
157Wall hanging lions
158Glass lion lot
159Glass and porcelain lion lot
160Glass lion lot
161Porcelain lions
162Lion tie lot
163Lion glass lot
164Lion glass lot
165Edison music rolls
167Kelldog vintage phone
168Oil lamp lot
169Metal lion mailbox
170Decorative lion lot
171Decorative glass lions
172Decorative lion lot
173Porcelain lion lot
174Porcelain lion lot
175Decorative lion lot
176Glass lion lot
177Porcelain lion vases
178Decorative glass lions
179Porcelain and glass lion lot
180Large porcelain lion figurine
181Kophenhagen Denmark lion figurine
182Small Lalique lion perfume
183Waterford lion
184Lalique glass lion head
185ceramic lion figurine
186Lalique lion perfume
187Porcelain lion lot
188Decorative figurine
189Metal owl figurine
190Clock with inkwells
191Egg basket and glass bottle
192Texaco motor oil advertisement sign
193Lucky strike cigarette advertisement sign
194Mohawk gasoline sign
195Coca Cola sign
196Budweiser sign
197Art Deco glass soap dishes
198Decorative women figurine
199Collector liquor bottles
200Menorah with candles
201Perfume lot
202Japanese paper lot
203Vintage paper lot
204Vintage double sided Pepsi cola sign
205Small vanity set items
206Vintage Japanese money
207Chevrolet light up clock working
208Shell gasoline thermometer sign
209Vintage lighter box lot
210Japanese boats compass
2111814 bible
212Misc military lot
213Vintage books
214Military buttons
215The hitler Albums
216Costume jewelry
217Costume jewelry
218Costume jewelry
219Costume jewelry
220Costume jewelry
221Costume jewelry
222Costume jewelry
223Costume jewelry
224Costume jewelry
225Costume jewelry
226Costume jewelry
227Costume jewelry
228Costume jewelry
229Porcelain and glass box lot w stangl
230Assorted picture frame box lot
231Cast iron bank
23314k gold coin
2341885 Morgan Silver Dollar
2351884O Morgan Silver Dollar
2361885 Morgan Silver Dollar
2371880S Morgan Silver Dollar
2381880S Morgan Silver Dollar
2391885 Morgan Silver Dollar
2401880S Morgan Silver dollar
2411883O Morgan Silver Dollar
2421884O Morgan Silver Dollar
2431921 Morgan Silver dollar
2441882 Morgan Silver Dollar
2451922 Silver Peace Dollar
2461924 Silver Peace Dollar
2471923 Silver Peace Dollar
2481925 Silver Peace Dollar
2491921 Morgan Silver Sollar
2501922 Silver Peace Dollar
251Cast iron bank
252Vintage hip flip game
253Small cast iron bank
254English door stopper
255Hummel doll
256Music jewelry box
257Small canon
259Cast iron Santa bank
260Scale indicator
261Vintage cabbage pail kids stickers
262Anime dvd’s
263Polk speakers
264Duck book ends
265Skate parts
266Bell and wall hooks
267Pair of hammered brass plate wall hangings
268Vase w contents
269Women’s fur coat
2702 remote controlled toys
2712 Canadian lager signs
272Vintage records book
273Jourdan Diesel schools book
2743 laptops as is
275Strange artwork
276Anime erotica
277Anime erotica
278Anime erotica
279Anime erotica
2802 anime erotica
281Anime erotica
282Penzoil framed picture
283Vintage Disney picture puzzle
284Photo album of vintage postcards
285Photo album of vintage envelopes and stamps
286Vintage decorative spinning wheel
287Earthworm ware plate
288Elephant figurine
289Wood propeller
290Scientific gold weight set (one missing)
291George bush doll
292Box of small military men toys
293Bausch and Lomb telescope
294Vintage projector
295Electronics lot
296Advertisement sign lot
297Advertisements sign lot
298Large glass bottle
299Ashtray lot
300Misc kitchenware lot
3011902 Morgan Silver Dollar
3021879O Morgan Silver Dollar
3031901S Morgan Silver Dollar
3041897S Morgan Silver Dollar
3051899O Morgan Silver Dollar
3061894S Morgan Silver Dollar
3071891 Morgan Silver Dollar
3081886S Morgan Silver Dollar
3091885S Morgan Silver Dollar
3101885 Morgan Silver Dollar
31110 X Silver Half Dollars
31219 X Silver half Dollars
31318 X Silver Half Dollars
31420 X Silver Half Dollars
31514 X Silver Half Dollars
3161879O Morgan Silver Dollar
3171880 Morgan Silver Dollar
3181879O Morgan Silver Dollar
3191881 Morgan Silver Dollar
3201888 Morgan Silver Dollar
321Jewish lot
322Jewish lot
323Vintage Arabic lot
324Jewish box lot
325Old photo lot
326Jewish candles and candle stand lot
327Vintage hardware lot
328Unique lamp lot
329Vintage silver star grand piano
330Vintage structo turbine car carrier
331Tonka mobile dragline
332Texaco fire truck
333Vintage advertisement signs
334Decorative angel lamp
335Vintage typewriter
336“Waiting for daddy” picture
337Unique Trumpet
338Ruby cut glass Box lot
339Ruby cut glass box lot
340Large public telephone sign
341Ruby cut glass box lot
342Vintage box lot
3432 advertisement signs
344Pepsi advertisement signs
345Red satin glass diamond drape lamp
346License plate lot
347Galliano liquor decanter
348Decorative glass and porcelain with limoges
349Bengal gin liquor advertisement
350Box lot
351Decorative painted tray
352Ruby cut glass lot
353Sabra Liqueur imported
354Box lot
355Pair of small vintage microscopes
356Pair of vintage unique metal dishes
357Cadillac box lot
358Car emblems
359Pair of hood ornaments
360Ruby cut glass lot
361Large model boat
362Large vintage decorative angel base lamp
363Box lot of figures
364Coca Cola sign
365Ruby cut glass lot
366Decorative rose glass lamp
367Marvel vintage mantle clock
368Jewish grave marker
369Marble vintage desk pen holder
370Vintage movie photos
371Gulf sign
372Metal sign
373Hancock metal sign
374Frontier metal sign
375Pennzoil metal sign
376Metal sign
377Mack metal sign
378Blue Sunoco metal sign
379Metal sign
380Coca-Cola metal sign
381Union Pacific Metal sign
383Pepsi metal sign
385Brass tea pot
386Vintage Ashtray lot
387Railroad light
3883 toy pistol
3892 vintage oil cans
3902 vintage milk bottles
391Vintage photo album
392Railroad light
3932 boxes of vintage photos
394Jamaican doll
395Vintage paper lot
396Large lion Stein
397Large lion Stein
398Large lion Stein
399Large lion Stein
400Large lion Stein
401Large lion Stein
402Large lion Stein
403Large lion figurine
4041820 Morgan Silver Dollar
4051923S Silver Peace Dollar
4061889 Morgan Silver Dollar
4071925 Silver Peace Dollar
4081924 Silv3er Peace Dollar
4091924 Silver Peace Dollar
4101921S Morgan Silver Dollar
4111923S Silver Peace Dollar
4121921 Morgan Silver Dollar
4131888 Morgan Silver Dollar
4141921S Morgan Silver Dollar
4151921D Morgan Silver Dollar
4161922S Silver Peace Dollar
4171922S Morgan Silver Dollar
4181922 Silver Peace Dollar
4191888 Morgan Silver Dollar
4201923 Silver Peace Dollar
421Union card and paper co wood box
422Antique wooden box
423Plastic military toys
424Children’s wooden tool box/kit
425Vintage telephone
427Navigational instrument
428Wood carved elephant
429Quaker state oil can
430Tin with assorted buttons
431Cookie jar
432Decorative boat
433Vintage paper lot
434Jewelry box w contents
435Anime erotica
436Collectors edition 100th anniversary teddy bear
437Jewelry box w jewelry
438Metal basket
439Oil can lot
44050’s vintage Rosemary doll
441Small deer dish
442Mini anime erotica
443Vintage paper
444Small pewter lot
445Decorative box lot
446Porcelain lot
447Black memorabilia bank
448Vintage tonal truck
449Large shisha pipe
450Star Wars toys
451Antique bank
452License plate lot
453Antler lot
454Instrument lot
455Coke tin and hallmark pens
456Trick dog bank
457Coffee grinder
458Vintage hunter and bear bank
459Black memorabilia bank
460Black memorabilia bank
461Vintage bank
462Coffee grinder
463Small black memorabilia bank
464Small black memorabilia bank
465Unique vintage bank
466Farmer milking cow bank
467Unique magician bank
468Vintage clown bank
469Black Memorabilia bank
470Vintage monkey bank
471Decorative animal figurine
472Unicorn bookend
473Antique sextant
4742 bronze baby shoes with trinket trays
475Hand painted lamp shade/lamp
476Pink rose lamp
477Salem China Service
479Shawnee cookie jar with S/P shakers
480Purple slag glass
481Glass duck ??
482Rabbit figurine
483Whiting &Davis gold  tone mesh purse
484Black American sheet music
485Dixie boy small poster
486Book ends
4872 cross stitch pictures
488Gold tone flatware
490Small crystal jar
491Doll chair
492Dass wall sconces
493Apple cookie jar and milk glass jar
494Bunny plastic
4952 metal garden figures
496Garden decor heavy
497Brass door knocker lion head
498Metal lion head wall plaque
499White lion planter
500Lion lot
501Gillinder Glass lion lot
502Lion head wall decor
503Lion cookie jar/ lion figurine
504Costume jewelry
505Lion SP Shakers
506Lion ties
507Lion lamp
509Glass bottle lot
510Glass grape
511Royal Doulton bunny bank
512Tyron Irish crystal
513Goldschweiger figurines
514Waterford candle holder
515Miscellaneous lot
516Ruby red glass
517Herend porcelain dog
519Waterford pitcher
520Butterscotch Bakelite knifes
5211922 Silver Peace Dollar
5221921 Morgan Silver Dollar
5231888 Morgan Silver Dollar
5241883 Morgan Silver Dollar
5251923 Silver Peace Dollar
5261926 Silver Peace Dollar
5271891 Morgan Silver Dollar
5281924 Silver Peace Dollar
5291922 Silver Peace Dollar
5301921 Morgan Silver Dollar
5311888 Morgan Silver Dollar
5321921 Morgan Silver Dollar
5331923 Silver Peace Dollar
5341922 Silver Peace Dollar
5351921 Morgan Silver Dollar
536Apex tournament darts
537Porcelain plates box lot
538Vintage pocket picture
539Daum france sea lion
540He said/she said comic book
5413 spring balances
542Goebel box lot
543Murano Glass
544Hummel, royal copehangen, cybis and More lot
545Wooden box w fabric interior lining
546Murano Glass dish
5471960’s bolta/melamune bowls
548Original regal China
549Herend Hungary porcelain
550Herend Hungary porcelain
551Mixed Hungary porcelain lot
552Corelle by Corning lot
553Culinaria collection by Corning
554Pyrex laboratory glassware
555Corning ware cups
556Pair of porcelain figurines
557Large porcelain figurine
558Large porcelain figurine
559Large porcelain figurine
560Lenox box lot
561Corning ware lot
562Corning ware lot
5632 Corning white dishes
564Corning glass frying pan with lids
565Large heavy barber pole sign
566Vintage picture lot
567Vintage box lot
5682 Corning ware bowls
569Corning ware box lot
570Lenox box lot
571Large cut glass lot
572Wood toy gun
573Shot glass holder
574Blue and white glass balls
575Propane lantern
576Purse lot
577Mixed plate lot
578Hollohaza hungary dolphins
579Hollohaza hungary birds
580Herend Hungary porcelain
581Herend Hungary porcelain
582Green fire king bowls
583Record lot
584Frequency generator service automatic turntable
585Vintage glassware and tin lot
586Ceramic lot w quimper plates
587Murano Glass dolphin
588Vintage cast iron truck
589Texaco 1932 Northrop gamma
590Dresden decorative lamp
591Vintage box lot
592Box lot w fire king and Corning ware
593Pyrex and fire king box lot
594Kitchen decor lot
595Set of 3 fire king bowls
596Porcelain lot w 1920’s Nippon
5972 effetre Murano plates
598Melmac bowl
599Decorative glass figure
600Spode dish ware lot
601Spode primrose tea cups
602Made in England tea cups
603Lenox “ming” tea cups
604Lion box lot
6053 lion porcelain figurines
606Lion box lot
607Lion figurine lot
608Lion salt and pepper shakers
609Assorted lion ties
610Glass and porcelain decorative lions
611Lion jewelry and trinket lot
612Metal lion bookend
613J C Higgins Golf Clubs
614Wooden paddle
615Concrete garden fish
616Resin garden frog
617Handy hot juicit
618Resin owl
619Concrete garden mushroom
620Pair of porcelain base lamps
621Advertisement washboard
6222 western Germany beer steins
623Lenox box lot
624Unique skirt
625Royal Hanover plates
626Kitchen ware lot
627Glass base  lamp
628Glass base lamp
629Mixed porcelain cups
630Vintage toy remote car
631Vintage photo album
632Staffordshire England pitchers
633Flow blue plate
634Oriental box lot
635Jewelry lot
636Button and book lot
637Picture lot
638Vintage dress patterns
639Vintage photo slides
640Fish clock
6412 Germany porcelain doll heads
642Antique China head doll
643Vintage doll
644Basket w American flag fabric
645Glass flower vase
646Mixed porcelain box lot
647Vintage box lot
648Misc decor lot
649Glass box lot
650Circle of love statue
651Dietz lantern
652Vintage photo slides
653Mixed porcelain lot
654Kitchen box lot
6551880S Morgan Silver Dollar
6561881 Morgan Silver Dollar
6571887 Morgan Silver Dollae
6581881 Morgan Silver Dollar
6591900 Morgan Silver Dollar
6601887 Morgan Silver Dollar
6611887S Morgan Silver Dollar
6621887S Morgan Silver Dollar
6631887S Morgan Silver Dollar
6641888 Morgan Silver Dollar
6651900 Morgan Silver Dollar
6661886 Morgan Silver Dollar
6671886 Morgan Silver Dollar
6681887 Morgan Silver Dollar
6691900 Morgan Silver Dollar
6702.5 Kilos of solid copper
67135 ounce copper bar
672Copper lot
673Copper lot
674Copper lot
675Horse cast iron doorstop
676Remington model 666 portable typewriter
677Humvee pioneer tool kit
678Vietnam era Air Force dress coat w pants
6791960’s Boy Scout back pack
680Mess kit
6811960’s Boy Scout utensils set w original pouelt
682Vintage Boy Scouts lot
683Vintage Boy Scouts flags
687Coin lot
688Coin lot
689Perfume lot
690Lego lot
691Bell collar
692Costume jewelry
695Mixed lego pieces
696Jewelry box w contents
697Vintage coke advertisement
700Jewelry lot
701Jewelry lot
702Vintage coke advertisement
704Jewelry lot
705Large decorative inkwell
706Koo koo clock
707Sterling spoons
708Barbies friend ship
709Button lot
710Vintage green wedge wood
711Wallet lot
712Antique cast metal key wind mantle clock
713Vintage Gerald fortin Canadian wood carver Real wood
714Sunglasses lot
715Vintage toys
7161950’s pin ball bagatelle games
717Belt buckle lot
718Vintage evening clutch bags
719Decanter shot set
720Designer purse lot
721Box lot
722Red nose bar light
723Box lot
724Bottle opener lot
725Bagged jewelry
7262 piece wheel etched glass mirror -hooks set
727Decanter shots set
728Antique bubble glass
729Kung fu babies
730Seashore bathroom cabinet
731Dietz lantern
7321951 Emerson radio phonograph
733100 old locks and keys
734Plate box lot
735Button lot
736Vintage evening bags
737Box lot
738Bullova mantle clock
739Mod table lamp
740Singer sewing machine
742Lego case w legos
743Vintage etch and sketch game
744Vintage crank telephone
7472 brown bottles
748Perfume lot
749Vintage photo albums
750Vintage Patch lot
751Vintage patch lot
752Vintage fabric
753Toy cars
756Mixed legos
757Jewelry lot
759Jewelry lot
760Jewelry lot
761Silver Dollar
762Silver Dollar
763Silver Dollar
7641922 Silver Peace Dollar
765Silver Dollar
7661928 Silver Peace Dollar
7671921 Morgan Silver Dollar
7681922 Silver Peace Dollar
7691923 Silver Peace Dollar
7701884 Morgan Silver Dollar
771189 Morgan Silver Dollar
7721922 Silver Peace Dollar
7731922 Silver Peace Dollar
7741924 Silver Peace Dollar
7751891 Morgan Silver Dollar
7761884 Morgan Silver Dollar
777Silver Dollar
778Silver Dollar
779Sterling jewelry lot
781Vintage Boy Scout lot
782Vintage Boy Scout books
783Vintage Boy Scouts socks
784Vintage Boy Scout uniforms
785Orig Spanish bull fighting poster framed
786Fisherman oil painting framed from Spain
787Boy Scouts trunk w contents
7882 barometer
789Decorative box lot w glass and Lenox
790Vintage photo slides
791Decorative glass lot
792Vintage photo slides
793Paper dispenser
795Rock Box lot
796Vintage gloves and jewelry
797Vintage pins
7981780 foot warmer
799Box lot w Hummels
800Mixed vintage metal mini figures
801Vintage suitcase
802Plate/sterling mix
803Mixed porcelain lot
804Mantle clock
8052 vintage framed paper
806Jar of marbles
807Metal soldier toys
808Unique bird bank
809Cat iron Boston terrier
810Large LLADRO
81113 piece bryonia mulberry fish set
8122 glass figurines (Sweden/France)
813Stuben Style Bowl (not marked)
814Jar of marbles
815Waterford candle stands
8162 Armand marellie German bisque dolls
817Nancy France and baccarat glass
8182 Royal Doulton figurines
819Goebel box lot
820Mixed porcelain figurines
821Waterford lot
822Waterford glass
8232 piece marquis waterford
824Sterling/glass cups
825Coin sets
826Vintage neoclassical brass chandelier + prisms
827Large vintage iron candle lantern
828Box lot w art supplies and makeup kit
829Japanese brass part oil burner
830Vintage science glass lot
831Norman Rockwell ancient elements plates
832Vintage Hudson sewing machine
833Bracelet holder w bracelets and monet
834Vintage miracle necchi elna sewing machine
835Flintridge China set
836Vintage bone original teeth (human)
837Jewelry lot
838Science glass lot
839Vintage alabaster ladorazione dei maqi plate
840Vintage glass lab Pyrex vessel equipment
841Vintage Asian rosewood jewelry makeup chest
842Bronze metal Italian black armoor candle holder 23 inches
8432 Lenox chats worth lamps
844Pyrex beaker box lot
845Science glassware
846Vintage large capodi monte lamp
847Guitar hero
848Asian marble top plant table
849Large heavy modern style marble lamp
850Pocket knives
851Sterling jewelry lot
852Liberty gun safe
8532010 Toyoata Camry 83721 miles, clean, clear title in hand
854Large religious stained glass window
855Religious stained glass window
871Indian doll lot
872Toy Pistol lot
873Jewelry lot
874Decorative glass drink lot
875Bracelet lot
876Glass bottle stopper
877Doll lot
878Wood jewelry cabinet
879Toy gun lot
880Crystal decanter lot
881Bottle opener lot
882Vintage military items of Colonel Edwin M.Lutz
883Vintage 5 piece ice bucket set
884Vintage Pyrex glass lidded casserole dish With napkin rings
885Vintage Stafford pitcher and basin
886Bread man bread maker
887Box lot of vintage Crystal stemware glasses
888Large Norman Rockwell collector plate lot
889Mikasa crystal candle holders
890Harmon/Kardon blue tooth speaker
891Large LV tote bag
892Vintage original black and white photos
893House of global art full lead crystal German mug
894Box lot
895Panasonic flat screen tv 32 inch
896Vintage cone sieve colander, strainer and mortar
897Pin lot
898Vintage Casio watches
899Jewelry lot
900Box lot w cookie jar and misc
901Box lot of crystal and mikasa
9023 lamp lot
903Large books- history of venice, national atlas
904Original Marilyn Monroe lithograph posted
905Beauty bug ball dolls and basket
906Sterling/glass cups
908Porcelain lot
909Dietz red lantern
910Hummel Box lot
911Waterford Marquis decanter
912Waterford crystal night
913Waterford Emily compote
914Lenox bowls
9152 Royal Doulton pitchers
916Arlington NJ lantern
917Ben Franklin cigar perfectos
918Ta Chin doll
919Jar of marbles
920Advertisement thermometer/picture
921Bull/cow creamer pitchers
922Minolta binoculars
923Doulton Burslem vase
924Cast iron doorstop
925Beaded jewelry
926Brass bucket
1001Vintage photo lot
1002Coca-Cola sign
1003Vintage paper advertisement sign
1004Metal sign
1005Porcelain lot
10062 vintage Ross stitch pictures with wood frame
1007Miscellaneous lot
1008Asian doll
1009Delta light
1010Kraft Blue Homer Laughlin dishes
1011Garton Kids Tricycle
10123 framed pictures
1013Metal sign
1014Vintage birdcage
1015Vintage kids chair
1016Metal sign
1017Small light up shell light
1018Tiger pitcher and glasses
1019Vintage small room divider
1020Vintage metal emergency box
1021Vintage wrench
1022Light up light small
1023Vintage Fire department bucket
1024She’ll metal sign
1025Campbell Metall sign
1026Vintage glasses
1027Garbage can
1028Show Jumper metal bank
1029Horse Bits
10303 longaberger basket
1031Costume jewelry
1032Penny jar
1033Penny jar
1034Penny jar
1035Lenox lot
1036Bucket of dimes and 5 cents
1037Women hat
1038Budweiser jacket
1039Reed Hill Rosetten for show riding
1040Fox stuffed animal
1041Red skins and Seattle Seahawks fleece
1042Cowboy hat
1043Horse / Wagon wall decor
1044Horse figures
1045Horse bits
1046Angel lot
1047Pair of door stop Foxes
1048Curtain lot
1049Miscellaneous lot
1050Stangl garden flower
1051Ribbon lot
1052Stangl garden flower dishes
1053Stangl dishes
1054Stangl plates 3x
1055Stangl plates/ platters
1056Milk can
1057Penny jar
1058Cowboy hat western woman
1059Penny jar
1060Small jar with pennies
1061Horse vase with dry flowers
1062Horse decor
1063Pin lot
1064Canon DVD  Camcorder
1065Cowboy hat western woman
1066Fireplace tools
1067Penny jar
1068Penny jar
1069Pennys jar
1070Penny jar
1071Penny jar
1072Coffee can full of pennies
1073Western hat women
1074Penny jar
1075Penny jar
1076Penny jar
1077Penny jar
1078Small jar of pennies
1079Vintage curtains
1080Vintage lamp
1081Vintage Owl fireplace andirons
1082Vintage fire department bucket
1083Vase / planter lot
1084Asian vase
1085Railroad Dresse  N J light
1086Marble clock
1087Billard clock
1088Mobil gas light up light
10892 pair of vintage jeans
1090Pair of marble Barbers cabinets
1091Billard Balls
1092Super Chevrolet service light up
1093Vintage bottles perfume/ Barber
1094Antique Kneeling Prayer bench
1095Pair of vintage oil lamps
1096Brunswick Pocket Balls
1097Vintage wooden pistol decor
1098Marble lamp
1099Kiddy Kar
1100Grandfather clock
1101Religious figurine Mary and baby
1102Religious figurine
1103Large fabric picture
1104Religious figurine
1105Pair of vintage sterilizer glass cases both need of work
1106Porcelain lot
1107Porcelain lot
1108Billard balls
1109Oil lamp
1110Vintage Police Telegraph box NY very heavy
1111Vintage glass boxes
1112Bottle/ camel lot
1113Tiger lot
1114Vintage can
1115Glass lot
1116Coca-Cola glasses
1117Pink glass
1118Pair of lamps
1119Coca-Cola glass advertisement
1120Women show riding hat
1121Jar of pennies
1122Jar of pennies
1123Jar of pennies
1126Cowboy hat women
1127Coffee jar of pennies
11282 Bacon press
1129Decorative horse lot
1130Horse decorative lot
1131Horse trophy lot
1132Jar of pennies
1133Jar of pennies
1134Vintage office stamp holder
1135Large Lenox lot
1136Costume jewelry
1137Jar of pennies
1138Horse shoe wall decor
1139Cowboy hat
1140Fox lot
1141Toy horses
1142Binoculars Stellar
1143Belt with Buckel and coins
1144Horse Bits
1145Horse Tail extension
1146Horse Bits
1147Longaberger basket 2 x
1148Kitchen decor
1149Horse figures
1150Horse figures
1151Pair of car floor mats
1152Costume jewelry
1153Collecter plates
1154Toy cars
1155Decor lot
1156Pewter lot
1157Toy cars
1158Resistol cowboy hat
1159Small buttons lot
1160Miscellaneous lot
1161Costume jewelry
1162Horse shoe lot
1163Cowboy hat
1164Costume jewelry
1165Turkey’ plater
1166Jar full shells
1167Porcelain lot
1169Cake plate
1170Vintage plastic Dino
1171Blue seltzer bottle
1172Lionel Train lot
1173Vintage wooden advertisement box
1174Lionel Train lot
1175Vintage medical/ Bibel books
11762 oil lamps
11775 metal sign
1178Vintage baby bottles
1179Vintage ashtray lot
11805 metal sign
1181Vintage photos
1182Vintage modern Art
1183Pair of Antique wooden Dragon
1184Vintage photos
1185Metal sign
1186Vintage plastic toy
1187Vintage children chair
1188Vintage bird cage
1189Vintage advertisement lot
1190Vintage cigarette’s advertisement
1192Moin sign
1194Vintage porcelain sign
1195Vintage porcelain sign
1196Vintage photo lot
1197Mobil sign
1198Matchbox cars
119916 mm movie late 20-50’s
1200Gertrude Ederle first woman to swimm English Channel
12012 vintage tools
1202Vintage Tubal Insufflator
1203Vintage frame
1204Vintage sun lamp
120512 US large cent’s
1206Lincoln wheat Cents
1207US Olympic pin set
1208World foreign coins
1209Mens jewelry
1210US Tokens
1211Sunoco tokens
12124 US token
1215Vintage paper lot
1216Vintage photo lot
1217Mobil Gas sign
1221Vintage matches
1222Wooden cigar boxes
1223Vintage empty Liquor bottle
1224Vintage ashtray lot
1225Vintage Fire children truck
1227Black/ gold Mirror
1228Vintage metal Barber Shop sign
1229Vintage Barber sign
1230Framed Antique fine Art
1231Large Antique wood decorative piece
1232Long Branch wood sign
1233Gold framed mirror
1234Bulldog picture
1236Quarter Dollar collection
1237Coin collection
1238Coin collection
1239Coin collection
1240Wittnauer watch
1241Montana necklace
1242Costume jewelry
1243Silver coins
1244Coin / Pennies
1245Coin lot
1247Quarter collection
1248Costume jewelry
1249Costume jewelry
1250Costume jewelry
1251Costume jewelry
1252Costume jewelry
1253Costume jewelry
1254Belt buckle lot
1255Costume jewelry
1256Watch lot
1257One 14K one 18 K watch
1258Jewelry with silver clips
1259Small sterling bowl
1260Small sterling bowl
1261Small sterling plate
1262Sterling piece small
12635 Sterling spoons
1264Sterling child cup
1265Sterling child cup
1266Sterling child cup
1267Sterling small child cup
12683 sterling spoons
12696 piece of Sterling
12704 small pieces of sterling
127114 piece of Sterling
127211 piece of sterling
12732 piece sterling
1274Coins/ wheat pennies
127612 new rings 925
12773 X 14K earrings very small
127810K bracelet
127914 K ring
1280Tiffany sterling necklace
1281Necklace with 14K clip
1282Costume jewelry
1283Sterling/925 jewelry
128410K small piece
1285Sterling jewelry
128610K necklace small
1287Costume jewelry
1288Costume jewelry
128914K necklace
1290Costume jewelry
1291Costume jewelry
1292Montana costume jewelry
1293Montana costume jewelry
1294Montana costume jewelry
1295Some sterling jewelry
1296Set of 6 Half Dollar Silver
1297Corral/Perl necklace
1298Turquoise jewelry lot
12994 sterling rings
1300Tiger eye + sterling necklace
1301Vintage Citizen Eco Drive watch
1302Hat- Pins
130314K Diamant yellow gold
1304Sterling Queen Nefertiti Bracelet
1305Sterling stone bracelet
130614K pearls aquarium necklace
1307Westclox railroad pocket watche
130814K large jade pendant
1309Sterling jewelry
1310Retro tri Color Sterling necklace
1311Large jade lot
131210K white gold diamonds ring
13137 vintage rings
1314Gemstone lot
131514 K Pearl earrings + necklace
13166 sterling rings
131714 K fresh water Pearl necklaces
131817 Ladys Rings
131968 inch Necklace stone
1320Victorian inc. sterling brooches
1321All sterling Gemstone
1322Earrings some sterling
1323Porcelain/ China/ pottery jewelry
1324Bakelite/Celluloid/ bone jewelry
1325Costume jewelry
1326Costume jewelry
1327All hard stone jewelry
1328All signed piece’s
1329Tortoise shell lot
1330Belt buckle lot
1331Quarter collection set
13321935-1964 Washington 25c
1333Casino Chips
1334500 wheat pennies
1335Proof set lot
1336US Indian Head cent’s
1337US buffalo nickel
1338WW2 pennies
1339Proof set
1340Silver Barber mercury Roseville coins
1341US Jefferson Nickel album
1342US half dollar 1833
1343Nazi German 81 coins
1344US flying eagle 68 coins
1345Lincoln steel cents
1346Buffalo nickels
1347Liberty head nickel silver
1348Buffalo Indian head nickel silver
1349Costume jewelry
13502 rings one sterling
13515 Masonic rings
1352Silver coffee collection spoons
1353Costume jewelry
1354Gentlemen lot
1355Flower brooches
1356Costume jewelry
1357Some silver jewelry
13583 vintage mash purse’s
1359Silver jewelry
1360Silver brooches
1361Silver rings
1362Silver earrings
1363Silver necklace
1364Watch lot
13662 letter stamp
1368Silver jewelry
1369Sterling vanity set
1371Box lot
1373Buffalo Cents
1374Ale knife
1375Buffalo Cents
1377Buffalo coins
1382Mack sign
1383Small Figuren
1384Costume jewelry
1385Costume jewelry
1386Costume jewelry
1387Vintage earrings
1388Bottle stopper
1389Bottle opener
1390Box lot
1391Doll lot
1392Vintage games
1394Military lot
1395Vintage wooden croquet set
1398Fine artwork
1399Vintage cross stitch
1400Artwork 1958
1405Bull Durham advertisement framed poster
1406Cross Stich picture
1407Vintage cross stitch
1408Vintage cross stitch
1409Vintage cross stitch
1410Oil on canvas
1413Painted tile framed
1414Vintage framed poster
1415Vintage cross Stich
1416Vintage cross stitch
1417Vintage cross stitch
1419Military uniform
1420Framed fabric
1421Prince Edward
1424Vintage cross Stich
1425Advertisement clock
1429Capodimonte Italy
1430Mirror tray as is
1500Brass coat rack
1501Vintage coat rack
1502Vintage coat rack
1503Blue rocker rocking chair
1504Wood coat rack
1505Vintage wood rocker rocking chair
1506Antique wood desk with glass cabinet
1507Vintage oak slant display case
1508Vintage wood buffet
1509Vintage wood buffet as is Shelf cabinet
1510Vintage wood vanity as is
1511Wood side table
1512Wood tiered side table
1513Vintage wood drop leaf side table As is
1514Vintage ornate desk
1515Wood chest of drawers as is Dresser
1516Antique chest of drawers Dresser
1517Vintage entryway table
1518Antique dresser as is
1519Vintage wood and glass display cabinet as is
1520Vintage children’s horse toy
1521Vintage hall tree bench
1522Small antique side table
1523Vintage doctors office scale
1524Vintage children’s toy box as is
1525Antique side table
1526Wood side table
1527Vintage wood carved chair
1528Wood carved rocker as is Rocking chair
1529Heavy metal fireplace overlay
1530Vintage wall clock As is
1531Unique wood chair
1532Floral painted chest of drawers Dresser
1533Floral painted chest of drawers Wood Dresser
1534Wood rocker with velvet seat
1535Wood table
1536Vintage wood side table
1537Vintage Bar cart
1538Vintage wood coat rack
1539Vintage shoe shine chair
1540Antique side table
1541Antique side table
1542Vintage carved cabinet with mirrored door as is Cracked top
1543Unique vintage metal hall tree Coat rack, cast iron?
1544Vintage curved glass cabinet as is
1545Vintage wood and metal stool as is
1546Vintage wood and metal stool
1547Vintage wood and metal stool
1548Vintage wood and metal stool
1549Victorian platform rocker Spindle rocking chair
1550Antique Victorola talking machine
1551Vintage white wicker painted chair
1552Vintage cast iron Challenger game as is
15535 ft tall cast figure, signed, very heavy, as is Snake charmer
1554Vintage wood chair
1555Vintage wood chair with upholstered seat
1556Vintage band saw on table
1557Black and Decker miter saw on wood board
1558Vintage dispenser
1559Vintage metal gas container jug Welding co
1560Vintage cash register as is
1561Vintage wood sled
1562Antique slot machine Gambling game
1563Antique computing scale Detroit
1564Vintage US postal service metal mailbox, heavy a asis
1565Vintage doll house
1566Vintage outdoor side table
1567Vintage metal side table outdoor
1568Vintage concrete planter as is
1569Vintage concrete planter as is
1570Vintage concrete planter as is
1571Vintage concrete planter as is
1572Vintage metal patio table base
1573Vintage Speedway sled
1574Vintage Airline Pursuit wood sled
1575Unique antique toilet base
1576Vintage children’s wood outdoor chair
1577Outdoor planter
1578Large outdoor planter
1579Vintage concrete planter
1580Vintage concrete planter
1581Religious angel garden statue
1582Mother Mary garden statue
1583Vintage metal shelf
1584Vintage metal shelf
1585Mahogany glass top showcase
1586Vintage Navco scale
1587Vintage Hire’s barrel
1588Vintage key machine
1589Bin of clocks as is
1590Bin of clocks as is
1591Bins of clocks and parts as is
1592Baccarat lion
1593Baccarat lion
1594Herend porcelain lion
1595Herend porcelain lion
1596Zsolnay Hungarian lion figure
1597Herend porcelain lion
1598Swarovski crystal lion
1599Herend porcelain lion
1600Herend porcelain lion
1601Vintage Headlight Overalls metal sign
1602Vintage Coca Cola metal sign
1603Vintage road sign Railroad Ave Asbury Park ? NJ double sided
1604Vintage lion stained glass wall hanging 21.5×21.5
1607Vintage cedar chest
1608Vintage children’s wood rocker Rocking chair
1610Artwork on canvas
1612Vintage Kruse Murphy sewing table
1613Garden fountain
1614Vintage lawn mower
1615Floral garden spinner
1616Vintage folding NJ advertising table w/2 chairs
1617Vintage metal barber display
1618Lot of vintage ties
1619Antique gold mirror as is
1620Artwork Violets 11×41 as is
1621Embroidered Artwork
1622Embroidered Artwork 11×24
1624Embroidered Artwork Ten Commandments
1625Embroidered Artwork
1627Artwork 18×26
1628Cast iron garden flower pot stand
1629Large wood mirror 26×36 as is
1630Vintage Ethan Allen grandfather clock
1631Kohler pedestal sink
1632Modern glass coffee table with chrome legs
1633Set of 4 hand painted doors from India
1634Artwork 25×31
1635Artwork 27×39
1636Artwork 24×30
1637Set of 2 carved gold leaf mirrors 17×15
1639Vintage double sided metal sign