Auctioneer Licensing

Auctioneer licensing is a hot topic for many auctioneers. Some see the license as a way to keep the industry healthy. Others see licensing as a barrier to entry for new auctioneers. Others view government regulation as a not necessary hinderance to free trade.

Many states in the U.S. require an auctioneer to be licensed before one can hold themselves out as an auctioneer. There are also many states with no auctioneer license requirement.

New Jersey has no state auctioneer license requirement! This has many implications, some good and some bad.

New Jersey borders on states with auctioneer license requirements like Pennsylvania. Many PA auctioneers conduct business in NJ with no regulatory or government interference. On the flip side it is not possible or very cumbersome for a NJ auctioneer to conduct auctions in the Commonwealth of PA. It is possible, however, for a NJ auctioneer to get a PA license, but it is not very easy. In essence, NJ auctioneers are for the most part at a disadvantage to their PA counterparts.

Since there are no licensing requirements in the state of NJ, anyone can be an auctioneer. Entry into the profession is easy. This is good and one would think the profession would be flourishing, and in some instances it is. Unfortunately, most sellers in NJ do not consider auctions as a prime way to sell personal property. Estate sales and online auctions seems to be the first choice when selling personal property in NJ.

Many online auctioneers have also sprung up over night with no licensing oversight.

Sunrise Antiques & Auctioneers is licensed in both PA and VA. This assures us reciprocity with the rest of the country. Many ask why when there is no license requirement in NJ? Simply put, we believe that holding professional credentials sets us apart from all other auctioneers, estate sale companies and online auctions in NJ.