October 26th 2018 Antiques Auction

45 Fireams, Antiques and more!

Antiques + Collectibles + , Antique Furniture, + Retro, + Industrial + Vintage and more Auction

Began: 10/26/18 at 8:00 AM EDT
Location: 79 Old York Road, Chesterfield, NJ 08515

This will be an outstanding auction featuring 45 guns, antiques, collectibles large Heisey glass collection, retro, primitives, industrial mid-century and more…October 26th 2018.  THIS IS Friday.  Please make a note.  Bring a truck and a friend! The auction barn in Chesterfield is jam packed…There are 1000s of smalls, furniture, glassware and accessories.  We have added 30+ more tables to the main building with many exciting lots.  We have also added a large furniture section to the back pole barn with many clean pieces!  

AUCTION STARTS AT 8:00 AM ON October 26th 2018

79 Old York Rd. Chesterfield, NJ 08515

 Preview: Friday October 26th – 7:00 AM

Thursday October 25th 3 PM – 7 PM   

Auction starts @ 8:00 AM on Friday October 26th


October 26th 2018  LIVE WEBCAST HERE!   

(will be available during preview and day of sale)

We will be selling all firearms both live and online.  The online sale will be simulcast via Proxibid.  Go here for more info: https://www.proxibid.com/sunriseantiques

ORDER OF SALE: AT 8:00 AM we will be selling furniture and table lots in the pole barn.

After the pole barn we will be selling outside/pavilion lots at ca. 8:30AM

After the pavilion we will sell art, rugs jewelry and all of the table lots in the POLE BARN.

Online / Cataloged guns, will start at ca. 9:00 AM.  

NON-CATALOGED FURNITURE will start @ ca 9:45-10:45 AM.

NON-CATALOGED TABLE LOTS – will start at ca. 10:45 – 11:00 AM

This will be a 2 ring auction, 2 auctioneers selling at the same time… 

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Lot:1 | Make:Colt| Model:n/a |Serial #:12135D | Type:derringer| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:2 | Make:Beretta| Model:21A |Serial #:BES35019V | Type:pistol| Caliber:.25 | Notes:none
Lot:3 | Make:Jennings Firearms| Model:Bryce 38 |Serial #:593235 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.38 | Notes:none
Lot:4 | Make:Ruger| Model:MK II |Serial #:221-78046 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.22 | Notes:no magazine
Lot:5 | Make:Iver Johnson| Model:Defender  89 |Serial #:nsn | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32 | Notes:none
Lot:6 | Make:Iver Johnson| Model:American Bulldog |Serial #:nsn | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32 | Notes:faulty cylinder -as is
Lot:7 | Make:Beretta| Model:Brevet |Serial #:58013A | Type:pistol| Caliber:6.35mm | Notes:none
Lot:8 | Make:F.B Radom VIS| Model:35 |Serial #:D7566 | Type:pistol| Caliber:9mm | Notes:2 magazines
Lot:9 | Make:Walther| Model:PP |Serial #:382842 p ac | Type:pistol| Caliber:7.65mm | Notes:none
Lot:10 | Make:Made in Italy| Model:n/a |Serial #:1534 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.44 | Notes:black powder
Lot:11 | Make:German| Model:JGA |Serial #:nsn | Type:pistol| Caliber:unknown | Notes:air gun
Lot:12 | Make:Made in Spain| Model:Astra |Serial #:245538 | Type:pistol| Caliber:6.35mm | Notes:none
Lot:13 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:Military Police |Serial #:592849 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.38 | Notes:original box
Lot:14 | Make:Ruger| Model:New Model Single Six |Serial #:63-93343 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.22 | Notes:original box, extra cylinder
Lot:15 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:4006 |Serial #:VAS9770 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.40 | Notes:none
Lot:16 | Make:Mossberg| Model:146B-A |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:17 | Make:J.P. Clarbrough| Model:n/a |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:antique, as is
Lot:18 | Make:Italian| Model:Carcano |Serial #:P2272 | Type:rifle| Caliber:7.35mm | Notes:none
Lot:19 | Make:Harrington & Richardson| Model:Topper Model 88 |Serial #:AX53250B | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:as is, missing forehand screw
Lot:20 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:31 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:21 | Make:Marlin| Model:Glenfield Model 60 |Serial #:23301297 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:22 | Make:J. Stevens| Model:n/a |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.32 long | Notes:as is – damaged stock
Lot:23 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:103.13 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:24 | Make:Colt| Model:n/a |Serial #:5419 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:as is, antique
Lot:25 | Make:British| Model:Enfield |Serial #:W19693 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.303 | Notes:no magazine
Lot:26 | Make:Springfield| Model:86C |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:no magazine
Lot:27 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:583.2 |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:as is
Lot:28 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:101.1 |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16 | Notes:none
Lot:29 | Make:Remington | Model:10 |Serial #:U 44833 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:none
Lot:30 | Make:Swiss| Model:M1871 Vetterli |Serial #:113125 | Type:rifle| Caliber:10.4mm | Notes:as is, trigger issues
Lot:31 | Make:Remington| Model:870 |Serial #:W844803M | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:none
Lot:32 | Make:Remington | Model:341 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:33 | Make:Savage Arms| Model:29B |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:34 | Make:Beretta| Model:Veritable Monobloc |Serial #:C173263 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16 | Notes:none
Lot:35 | Make:Harrington & Richardson| Model:n/a |Serial #:219544 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16 | Notes:none
Lot:36 | Make:Stevens| Model:22-410 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle/shotgun| Caliber:.22/.410 | Notes:none
Lot:37 | Make:Stevens| Model:77D |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20 | Notes:none
Lot:38 | Make:Savage| Model:220A |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:none
Lot:39 | Make:Mossberg| Model:185K-A |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20 | Notes:none
Lot:40 | Make:Marlin| Model:15YN|Serial #:03349361 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:41 | Make:Remington | Model:1100 |Serial #:L797294V | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12 | Notes:none
Lot:42 | Make:Japanese| Model:Arisaka |Serial #:49530 | Type:rifle| Caliber:7.7×58 | Notes:none
Lot:43 | Make:Burnside| Model:Carbine |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:14mm | Notes:antique, civil war
Lot:44 | Make:Ithaca| Model:M-49 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none
Lot:45 | Make:Stevens| Model:Visible Loading Repeater |Serial #:D528 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22 | Notes:none


Large selection (there will be furniture in both the main building and pole barn for this sale) of furniture to include antiques to mid-century, primitive, oak, Bombay chest, wardrobes, trunks, blanket boxes, mid-century tables, display cases, Edison music boxes, drop leaf tables, antique baby cradle, lamps and lighting, militaria, Nazi memorabilia, railroad memorabilia, duck decoys, stainless steel cleaning table, wood boxes, blue decorated pottery, advertising lots, Madam Alexander dolls, 100s of pieces of Heisey glass, post cards, vintage photography, ephemera, empire stand, large collection of quilts, antiques shop sign, Pepsi thermometer, nice Lionel train collection, milk crates, bottle lots, medicine bottles, barrel lamp, Star Wars and Star Trek lots, vintage toys, Tonka trucks, large collection of new and old Lenox, mirrors, antique mirrors, cast iron stoves, porcelain stoves, depression glass, metal lots, brass lots, silver plate, sterling silver, artwork and paintings, Royal Doultons, coin lots, vintage board games, insulators, costume jewelry, vintage photography, antique wall clocks, antique mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, outstanding Adirondack bed, biplanes, Coors Light refrigerator, vintage oak machinists chests, oak card catalog, antique corner cupboard, mid-century chairs, antique benches, large collection of Ironstone, kitchenware, unique samplers, frames, shades, oil lamps, marble lots, copper moonshine still, unique red painted fog horn, tool lots, woodworking tools, lathe, antique desk, antique wardrobes, primitive kitchen furniture, advertising boxes, primitive grain box, primitive furniture, industrial cart, vintage clothes, vintage war posters, Val Saint Lambert glass, copper and brass lots, English and German porcelain, some horse tack, the pavilion is overflowing with unique finds and many quality pieces of furniture, the pole barn is jam packed with many quality smalls and tray lots, many quality pieces of artwork some named artists… 1000’s of items, boxes are still being unpacked, who knows what else will come in before the auction, questions please go to http://sunrise-antiques.com or call or text us at 888-639-4443…

subject to errors and omissions

PA – AU005859, VA – 2907004132


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Sunrise Antiques


79 Old York Road Chesterfield, NJ 08515

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